What the %$^&! Is Viral?

June 6, 2013
Wayne Yocum
Viral Marketing

Ok, so you’ve made your way to VictoryViral.com and you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. What is Victory Viral? Is it contagious, infectious…will it give me hives?

The answer to all those questions is, hopefully, yes. But in a good way :) .

Frivolity aside, Viral Marketing is simply the combination of quality multimedia content with word of mouth advertising.

It’s no secret that word of mouth trumps traditional advertising in its ability to motivate people to take an specific action.

You’re simply more likely to take the advice of people you know on where to shop, what to eat, how to dress, who to vote for and when to wax your eyebrows, than you are to be swayed by 30 second commercials crammed into breaks during Duck Dynasty.

However, word of mouth was always hard to manufacture and it could never include the dynamic design and story telling elements allowed by multimedia.

Plus, advertisers couldn’t control the content of word of mouth. They couldn’t see, let alone correct or remedy, the language people were using to tell their friends about a given product, service or even political candidate.

Enter social media and the world has now changed. The divide between multimedia advertising and interpersonal relationships has disappeared.

Marketers, campaign executives and political operatives can give their supporter-evangelists the tools to share their message while tracking what is being said, to whom it’s being communicated and how effective it is at creating converts (buyers, voters, donors, etc).

Viral Marketing is simply the use of new media to communicate effective campaign/marketing messages via consumers and end users to potential prospects.

The tools are varied, from infographics to viral videos to podcasts, and can be targeted more precisely than ever before.

At Victory Viral, we take your message and turn it into a campaign that will take on a life of its own, reaching prospects you never knew existed.

That’s an epidemic we can all get behind.

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